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Liz Price This is in memory of our Jack & Willy.

Pamalah I love horses. Thank you.

Lexy & Randy,I wish I could take them all under my wing.

Jackie Lopez, For My daughter Deanna's love of Horses.

Carla Ball,Liz, Rudie and Wyatt Bless you!

Christina155 , I'm thankful to support your efforts! Keep them up!

Sharon Perry Wish I could do more. I hope all the horses find their way home.

Neal Nixon From my horse, Sky, for all his cousins in need.

Gina DiMaggio In the name of Jerry and Maryilyn Russell for the horses

Karen I would hope that someone would help my horses
Salt River Farm, Center Moriches, NY Thanks for all your good work

Phyllis Dunmire We can do no great things, just small things with great love.
Onsite Tack Florida to California to help the fire horses

Kaki4horses Horses are one of God's gentle creatures. Thank you. Do not forget the helpless.

Melissa and Nicole Jacob May the Lord bless you for this work. Wish we could be there to help!

Michelle Cannon Thank you for caring for these beautiful creatures. May God bless you and the ones you care for.

Gambler's Mom :) Just a little bit, to help everybody's babies :)

Sandy Johnson Thank you for saving the horses! I wish I could be there to help.

Cindy White $10.00 Thank you for all your efforts. My prayers are with you all.

Judith Haseleu
Vicki I'm so thankful for all you are doing, and am very happy to donate to help out.

Maria Carroll You are doing great work.

Phyllis Kelly For Dakota, always my number 1

Dee and Amy Grateful for all you do. Wish we could help more.

Nancy My thoughts are prayers are with you all

Pam Sexton My heart is with you as you help these poor animals.

Equine princess Love & prayers to all So.Cal. fire rescued horses

Kellie Thank you so much for everything!!

Rudie and Wyatt Thank you for all you are doing

Connie Flowers Wishing we could do more! Good luck!

Christine Rossi Thanks to Dog.Com for the e-mail to help

Samantha Zubak These horses are lucky to have you. God Bless and hope you get all the donations you need!

Dawn Shull God bless all of you for helping these beautiful animals!
Lynne Petitti Thank you for all you have done.

Walt & Pam Rose We're thankful our horses did not need your help, but recognize so many do. God bless all you do.

Lisa and Amanda Trombetta
We Love horses and are so thankful that we could help. Thank you!

Wendy & Rod Case, Rowen Farms. N.E.Oregon On behalf of Stalking Easy & Bill's Trailblazer, in memory of World Commander. Fire rescue donation

SANDY Bless you for caring for these horses.

Teresakup May each one of these animals prosper with good health

Mary Stitch From my rescued horse Dakota. Wish it was more!

Nodesign23 I own a horse and i love THEM and wish i could help them ALL!!!! thank you for all you do for the ho

FL_animal_rescue_worker In memory of my sister's many horses

horselover47 For my horses Jim and Shiloh

Elizabeth Smith For horse feed and supplies for the California fires

Theresa Everyone should try to help as much as they can

Jane Monts Thanks for helping the animals
Billy and lorraine Wells Wish we were there to help!!

Cindee grimes May Adonai forgive us our sins and heal our land

Liz In Memory of our Jack and Willy

Karry Trickey I wish for everyones (humans and animals) sake, things get better soon.

Faaseyn I wish I could help more. Horses are a gift to us from God.

Shea God Bless you for helping the equine victims of the horrible fires...my prayers are with you

Moote Family, Oregon Our prayers and thoughts are with each and everyone Karen Apolloni Your gift to the many horses you have helped.

LisaM Thanks for caring!

Frances A For the horses.Just wish it were more

M Raynor Thank you for taking care of God's precious babies.

Celia Donovan Hopefully this will help a little with all your needs

Jack Pierson God bless you and your staff for your kindness and caring for the animals in peril.

Farrah For the sweet ones displaced by the fire, wish I was closer to help personally.

Lisa For Lucy, Ebony and Dude

Helene, Please continue your fabulous work

Verleen flaig Thank you.

Charlie You the horses, and their owners are all in our thoughts.

Carolyn Dobbins of Dobbins Show Horses, Arizona All of your rescue efforts are so appreciated, you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Margie Francis I am now in No. CA, and wish I could be there to personally help! Thank YOU for being there!

Sue & Katie God speed! We wish we could do more!

Laura and the Gredlies, Oregon May God be with you in your endeavors. Blessings.

Clwolf As a native of Southern California and horse owner, I say thank you!

Christina155 Thanks for all you do; you are a blessing!

Eight Count & Rug Thank you for helping the horses in need due to the fires.


Jennifer Zander I extend my prayers and blessings to your efforts.

Lisa Thanks for taking care of the horses!!

Jane Thank you for your work!

Denise Glad you all are there to help the horses and their owners dealing with the fires!

Corral of Comfort: Privately owned and operated.
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