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about corralofcomfort organization Corral of Comfort Horse Rescue Inc. is dedicated to the rescue of those unfortunate horses bound for slaughter.

We work directly with the "killer buyers" in Southern California and New Mexico, where our people find purchasers for the animals destined for a 1,500-mile trek to the packing plants in Texas.

image about At our ranch we currently have many horses who are simply waiting for the right owner to give them a new lease on life, along with a dignity they deserve. Many are young, sound, intelligent and broke to ride, with many more years ahead of them on the trail.
We are still working on expanding our program, and we thank our many sponsors who have made it possible.

We need your support more than ever to expand our programs and care for our rescued horses.
Volunteers are very much needed. We are looking for electricians, contractors, people with marketing or fundraising experience, and much, much more. Basically, if you are dedicated and have a willingness to serve, we need your help.

Thank you for visiting our website, and please contact us should you have any further questions regarding Corral of Comfort Horse Rescue Inc..

Happy Trails,



The Corral of Comfort Rescue Center works ceaselessly to give horses another chance in life. Each and every horse taken in is provided with any necessary medical treatment, and we work patiently to re acclimatize these Gentle Giants to the loving care of a human, so that they may eventually be adopted. In some cases these horses have never had a kind word or touch and it is a slow process. After determining temperaments and compatibility factors we begin that long search for the perfect home.

The placement process is extremely slow. Unfortunately with our economy it's been very hard! On any given day The Corral of Comfort Horse Rescue cares for 12 Horses here at our 5-acre facility. As you can imagine the costs associated with running an operation of this magnitude are overwhelming. Our monthly operating expenses have now increased to $10,000, and our vet bills stay at an average of $5,000.

Here nestled in the hills of the high desert in Palmdale, California, the horses who have suffered in silence will never hear another gun shot or the siren of a pursuing police car. Every night they will fall asleep to the yipping of the coyotes! They are safe and content. The only thing missing is a home of their own. Please help us to help them.

To learn more about Corral of Comfort Rescue Center, contact our founder, Sandra J Venables or visit our Facebook Page.

To donate directly to the Corral of Comfort, visit our Donation Page.


We are an organization of controversial yet dedicated people who have one goal in mind: offering hope and another chance at life to those who have made mistakes along the way. This goes for our two-legged friends as well as our four-legged ones. Our rehabilitation program is a team effort by both man and dog. One could not succeed without the other. Our on-site program creates an atmosphere in which individuals mainstreaming back into society from incarceration will not be judged by their past or their "tough guy" appearance.

Our horses don't care what you've done or what you look like. Hell, most of them are in the same situation too. Our ranch environment allows both horses and man to take their time learning what life is all about all over again and to learn from the mistakes that they have made in the past. Our main focus is training and rehabilitation - no matter how long it takes! All these individuals have — both human and horse — are their hopes and dreams, and that is something no one can take from them. We are here to show them that every day is precious; every day is the chance to prove yourself and in the words of James Dean, "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."

Words of wisdom from yet another misunderstood outlaw.
From the Founder

picture of Jolene If you worry that you have not made a difference, you have, for only those who do not worry about it have not. If you feel overwhelmed, if the weight of problems is too heavy to bear, remember it is a shared burden and the strength of numbers can accomplish much.

If you think society and government are blind, it only serves to remind that we need to change one mind at a time, one law after another. We effect change by cooperation, not by isolation.

If you consider that we cannot save them all, and what difference does one make?, you ought to know the joy of the one who is saved. Mourn those we cannot save, it is a eulogy to their being. Do not let their loss be in vain.

Be kind to yourself, remember your needs and those of your family and friends of every species. If you give everything, what will you have left for yourself, or for them? Strive to be happy and healthy. You are needed. Achieving balance in life is a lifelong struggle. We who help those who do not have all that they need should be among the most grateful for what we have.

Be proud of your accomplishments, not your opinions. The quality of your efforts is more important than the quantity. Forgive your own deficiencies -- sometimes your caring is sufficient. Everyone can do something, it is up to you to do the thing you can. A kind word and a gentle touch can change a life.

If a seething anger wells up within you, because people are the problem, remember your humanity and that people are also the solution. Concentrate on specific needs, pay attention to the individual -- they make up the whole. See beyond the unlovable, the unattractive, the impure and the wounded -- see that their spirit is as deserving as the rest. Help them heal. Their eyes are windows to their soul and the mirror of your sincerity.

All species, all beings, share this Earth in a chain of life. Care more about what makes us alike than what separates us. Policies, rules and regulations are not infallible. Apply them judiciously, interpret them wisely. No decision based purely on money is ever the right one.

Listen to your heart. Sometimes we have to do that which we are most afraid of. Be true to yourself and your beliefs. Family may abandon you, friends may disappoint you, strangers will ridicule you. People shun what they do not understand. Help them to understand -- kindly, softly, gently.

Those who do not respect all life are to be pitied. Often the wrongdoer is as in need of help as his victims. Forgive, then teach by example. Educate yourself or you cannot hope to teach others. No action based in hatred is ever right, and anger drowns out wisdom.

Yours may be a voice crying in the wilderness, make it a voice to be respected. Listen more than you talk, be courteous and reliable. Learn to ask for help. Never waiver from the truth. Know that it takes a lot of strength to cry and with every defeat, we learn.

All Creation celebrates that which is in its own best interest. The Children are our hope -- nurture them. Nature is our legacy -- protect it. The Animals are our brethren -- learn from them.

Your rewards will not be material, but they will be meaningful, and the courage of your convictions can survive anything. We are small boats cast adrift on a cruel sea, but someday the tide will turn toward a safe harbor. No matter how dark the storm clouds, or deep the pain of heartbreak -- never forget: we are their heroes.

Happy Trails,
Quarterhorse Spinner, 36 years old

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The Horse's Prayer

image about 5To thee, my master, I offer my prayer. Feed me, water and care for me, and -- when the day's work is done -- provide me with shelter, a clean, dry bed, and a stall wide enough for me to lie down in comfort. Always be kind to me. Talk to me. Your voice often means as much to me as the reins. Pet me sometimes, that I may serve you the more gladly and learn to love you. Do not jerk the reins and do not whip me when going uphill. Never strike, beat, or kick me when I do not understand what you want, but give me a chance to understand you. Watch me, and if I fail to do your bidding, see if something is wrong with my harness or feet.

Do not check me so that I cannot have the free use of my head. If you insist that I wear blinders so that I cannot see behind me as it was intended I should, I pray you be careful that the blinders stand well out from my eyes. Do not overload me or hitch me where water will drip on me. Keep me well shod. Examine my teeth when I do not eat; I may have an ulcerated tooth and that, you know, is very painful. Do not tie my head in an unnatural position or take away my best defense against flies and mosquitoes by cutting off my tail.

I cannot tell you when I am thirsty; so give me clean, cool water often. Save me, by all means in your power, from that fatal disease the glander. I cannot tell you in words when I am sick; so watch me, that by signs you may know my condition. Give me all possible shelter from the hot sun and put a blanket on me not when I am working but when I am standing in the cold. Never put a frosty bit in my mouth; first warm it by holding it a moment in your hands.

I pray to carry you and your burdens without a murmur and wait patiently for you long hours of the day or night. Without the power to choose my shoes or path, I sometimes fall on the hard pavements which I have often prayed might not be of wood but of such nature as to give me a safe and sure footing. Remember that I must be ready at any moment to lose my life in your service.

And finally, oh, my master, when my useful strength is gone, do not turn me out to starve or freeze or sell me to some cruel owner to be slowly tortured and starved to death, but do thou, my master, take my life in the kindest way and your God will reward you here and in the hereafter. You will not consider me irreverent if I ask this in the name of Him who was born in a stable.


A Hard Look at Supporting Your Favorite Charity

The humane movement has always faced an uphill battle as it competes with other charitable causes for support; and perhaps, in the struggle, many organizations have lost more than they have gained. In the need for financial contributions, they are pressured into telling only what pleases, forced to fight only what's popular, and limited to speaking out against only that which does not offend. As they have been forced to prostitute reality, the true nature of the real suffering of the individual animal is lost to the need to survive as an organization.

There have always been those noble individuals who fight for animal welfare causes. Public support, being the fickle thing that it is, always rises and falls to one cause or another. The masses are often unknowingly manipulated into abandoning the real need of those few noble organizations with the tenacity to weather the storm of popularity.

Public awareness and willingness to contribute to any one of the countless worthy causes created by man's occupation of planet Earth is influenced, if not entirely controlled, by our media. Special interest groups, political ties, and individual ambition appear to be major influencing factors in directing the distribution of funding. In most instances these accumulated trusts are born of the purest of intentions. Oftentimes the sympathetic individual contributor remains unaware of the underlying currents directing his/her contributions.

In my personal experience, I have seen the respect earned through years of dedication transformed into cynicism and doubt by a single lie. I've experienced loyal supporters running for cover in the wake of nothing more than a cruel, unsubstantiated rumor. Such action by anyone can have only one purpose, the destruction of goodness. Who suffers? As proven throughout history, the innocent -- in this instance the innocent are animals living day to day totally unaware of their plight.

It is a sad day indeed when one comes to realize that the continued success of your life's work exists precariously hinged on the sway of popular opinion. I urge every concerned individual to utilize the free will endowed to all of us by our Maker.

Gather the facts on your own, have an opinion that is truly yours. If you are suspicious, investigate. If you are in doubt, seek the truth. If you are opposed, voice your opinion. If you are appalled, make it known. Don't allow this world's few remaining noble causes to exist forever balanced precariously on the fragile thread of popularity.

Larry Markett

Corral of Comfort: Privately owned and operated.
>>Area's We Service
  • Los Angeles
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • Inglewood
  • San Diego
  • Ontario
  • Ventura
  • Long Beach
  • Lancaster
  • West Covina
  • Anaheim
  • Palmdale
  • Norwalk
  • Santa Ana
  • Corona
  • Carlsbad
  • Riverside
  • Pomona
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  • Chula Vista
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